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The World’s First At-Home Baby Cognitive Development System.So much more than a baby monitor…

Introducing Wunder: The Amazon Alexa for raising your baby.

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Wunder is:

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Hands-Free Tracking of Diaper Changes, Feedings and More

Data of recorded patterns help show you positive development or recognize if something is off track. Pediatricians ask about and expect daily tracking of activities for a healthy routine and child development, especially in the early months.

Just say “Hey Wunder” followed by:

Daily Activities to Help Baby Hit Those Milestones

Wunder provides age-appropriate, science-backed activities to give your baby a leg-up on language, cognitive development and more. Wunder makes you a confident parent.

Wunder Elevates Storytime With Engaging Sound Effects

Storytelling Assistant

Your baby will love hearing you read stories aloud while Wunder adds the perfect sounds and music to bring the story to life. Wunder helps you engage all of your baby’s senses.

Ensure you're talking to your baby enough to boost language

Wunder counts how many words your baby hears each day, ensuring you don't fall victim to the 30 million word gap. You get peace of mind knowing you're giving your baby a huge daily language boost.

Get Your Baby Sleeping Soundly

In addition to being a hands-free tracking tool, development booster and storytelling assistant, Wunder is also your bedtime assistant. You’ll love its built-in nightlight, white noise, soothing sounds and cry detection features. Wunder helps your baby rest peacefully so you can rest, too.

Minimalistic, Scandanavian Design

Wunder’s friendly Sun/Cloud design will suit any home decor. It’s non-intrusive to your child’s room and will fit right in with their other toys.

Wunder Makes You Feel Like a Successful Parent

Wunder’s science-backed activities, milestone tracking and other features help you become the confident, successful, peaceful parent you want to be.

Privacy Protection

We’ve built Wunder from the ground up. As parents, we’ve designed Wunder for Parents and take Privacy seriously…

Wunder only listens when you want it to; you need to actively turn the listening mode on by saying “Hey Wunder” followed by one of the available commands. All audio data is stored in encrypted format anonymously. This means it is impossible for an external party to access the audio or decrypt the audio without our secure keys.

Get a major discount

We’re launching soon. Get an exclusive discount by signing up now!