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Fully Automated & Scalable HydroponicScalable Hydroponic Growth Controller

WallFarm LIA is the easiest and the most cost-effective automated hydroponic growth system in the world.

It automates sensor calibration, cleaning and storing as well as balancing pH, nutrient level, ambient conditions, and lighting.

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Key Features

Manage Up To 10 Hydroponic Tanks

Connect one LIA to 10 different hydroponic systems and manage them all separately. Each tank can be up to 120 gallons big!

Automated Sensor Maintenance

Wallfarm’s patented technology automates the tedious process of cleaning, calibrating and storing sensors in KCL solution. Connect the pipe, insert the cartridges and press play. That’s it.

Self-Calibrated Nutrient Delivery. No More Checking

Choose your crop from the app, and WallFarm’s Analysis Module will wirelessly communicate to the LIA Doser to deliver precisely the nutrients required for your crop’s optimal growth.

WallFarm LIA Measures:

*Included Pump Specifications of the LIA Doser : +-5% precision 80ml/min flow rate, suitable for 50L tanks. But LIA Doser can support up to 500ml/min pump.

Climate Control

The smart power strip can control climate and ventilation and switch irrigation, LEDs and solenoids for water change.

Real-Time Notifications & Management Of Your Plants

More Affordable & Easier Maintenance

Tec Specs

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