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Turn Your Home into a Private Movie Theater

ALPD 3.0 Technology (the same used in thousands of movie theaters)

The first in its class, the VAVA 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector can

  • Project up to a 150” screen
  • Fill a 100” at a distance of just 8.5 inches
  • Simple setup (aka no installation)
  • 4k video with HDR 10
  • Harman Kardon speakers
  • Laser bulb technology
  • 3D compatibility

This truly is the only projector of its kind!

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Epic Projection, Zero Distortion

Now you can get 150” of vivid clarity through 4K resolution, with zero interruption! What do we mean by that? Because the VAVA Projector can project from a distance of just 8.5 inches, there’s nothing that will come between the projector and the screen, allowing for epic views with ZERO blockage!

Quality of image and sound without breaking the bank

The VAVA Projector boasts 4K Video with HDR 10, Harman Kardon speakers, and the same laser technology in its bulbs that movie theaters use. It even has a 3D mode! To find anything close to this would run you between $5,000 – $7,000…this projector will be available at half that cost. No reason why your dream man-cave needs to break the bank.

  • Your Own Mobile Theater

  • VAVA has designed its projector with simplicity in mind. You won’t need to pay hundreds for installation and you won’t have dozens of cords running all over your room.

    All you have to do to get going is plug it in, adjust the position to match your screen size, connect a video source via HDMI or USB, select your input, and start watching! It can also connect via WiFi and stream content from youtube or other apps!

    After watching your favorite movie through this projector, you’ll be hard-pressed to want to view on anything else…so take it with you wherever you go!

There is no perfect projector…until now

They’ve gone deep and analyzed the biggest complaints with all the major projectors on the market. Here are a few ways they plan on making your life better.

  • Most bulbs burnout every year or two.

    The VAVA bulbs use laser technology and are good for over 20,000 hours. That’s well over 13,000 movies!

    Image interruption and blockage.

    With an ultra-short throw, you’ll never see the evil “shadow man” again.

  • Bad image in lit rooms.

    With a short-throw, 4k video and HDR 10, you’ll see beautiful clarity, even if the room isn’t completely dark!

    Expensive installation and messy wires.

    They’ve designed their projector for simplicity and portability. Zero installation, minimal wires and setup.

You’re Not Going to Want to Miss Out on This!

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