This Smart Compression Wrap is the Easiest Way to Relieve Muscle Pain, & Feels AMAZING!

SPRYNG™ is an affordable, untethered, pneumatic compression wrap that:

  • Relieves aching muscles
  • Improves blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Speeds muscle recovery
  • Helps achieve outstanding results
  • FEELS incredible

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The Importance of Active Compression

Almost 90% of the blood returning to your heart from your veins comes from your calves. Exercise and long bouts of sitting/standing can weaken the muscles which makes them less effective in moving the blood, which can result in a lot of swelling and pain (known as blood pooling). This is why we focus on actively compressing that area to help get that blood moving!


The Importance of Active Compression

Active Compression is the MOST effective way to improve circulation, flush lactic acid, and increase oxygenation to muscle tissues to get you back on your feet faster.

  • Increase Oxygenation

  • Improve Circulation

  • Flush Lactic Acid

Patent-Pending Wave Tech Compression Pattern

SPRYNG™ contains an innovative, patent-pending WaveTech® graduated compression pattern that prevents leg swelling and improves blood circulation. It does this by mimicking the skeletal muscle pump that occurs following strenuous exercise, aiding in the return of blood to the heart so swelling and muscle injury is reduced.

The Problem With Other Recovery Devices

Current recovery are ineffective or are only accessible to professional athletes.

  • Bulky

    The active recovery tools used by athletes and professionals are bulky, covered in wires and hoses, and not portable.

  • Expensive

    Other motorized active compression tools are extremely expensive preventing them from being enjoyed by everyone.

  • Poor Compression Pattern

    Other compression wraps either don’t use active compression or don’t use one that matches the muscle pump. The cheap ones found online can do more harm than good because they may push blood in the wrong direction.

The Power of Spryng

Years of research and development has resulted in the most portable, affordable, technologically advanced recovery tool ever.

  • Untethered

    The first thing athletes notice when seeing Spryng is the lack of wires and hoses. Everything was designed to be compact and portable.

  • Affordable

    Spryng is sourced from the best materials at the best price. While other active compression devices can cost upward of $2,000, Spryng will retail for less than $250.

  • Wave Tech Active Compression

    Spryng uses a patent pending compression pattern that was developed by doctors to improve circulation and mimic the natural pump of the calf muscle.

Targeted Compression Affects Your Whole Leg

Not just for your calves! Improving circulation at the lower extremities naturally pushes blood upwards through your thighs towards the heart. The lower extremities of the leg are the best place to target to improve blood circulation. The device footprint is small and has massive effects.

Made For Everyone

Spyrng isn’t just for athletes! If you stand a lot or sit a lot, you need to get blood circulating to keep you healthy and also increase cognitive performance! This means Spryng is perfect for everyone! From DJs to Moms to CEOs and gamers, get higher level performance across all areas of life!

Available in 4 Colorways

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