Rotofarm: Gold London Design Awards Winner 2019

  • It only needs 2 ft of space and can grow 10 herbs or vegetables 2X faster than traditional gardening!
  • Make 100% organic dishes with your own homegrown ingredients.
  • Only 5-minutes of maintenance per week — Soil-free, automatic lighting, and watering.
  • Full monitoring and control from the APP.
  • Its award-winning design will enhance any room in your home.

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Year-Round Gardening. Fully Automated.

Insert premade seed squares. Fill nutrient and water basin. Control from mobile APP. That’s it.
Expect only 5-minutes of maintenance per week.

Rotary Hydroponics

Rotofarms NASA-inspired rotating design accelerates plant growth in zero-gravity, optimizes light and water conditions, so your plants grow healthier, tastier and 2x faster than traditional farming.

Compared to Groceries:

Efficiency and Ease

A huge 5.6ft growing surface flawlessly fits into a 1ft footprint on any countertop — taking up to 80% less space than a traditional garden.

Know Your Food

Get healthy, nutrient-filled foods without worrying about pesticides or chemicals. By producing your vegetables and herbs in the comfort of your own home.

What Others Are Saying

Bring Life To Any Space

Rotofarm visually enhances any part of your home. Made from anodized and polished aluminum and durable silicone, it swivels 180 degrees for maximum accessibility. The optional magnetic cover is mirrored on the inside with smoked-glass on the outside which reduces unwanted glare.

We are live on Indiegogo

Join our community in the next hour to get a HUGE discount!