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The World’s First Swingless Golf Club

  • Allows players to hit golf shots from 50-200 yards without stressing the body.
  • Makes Golf accessible to those who experience physical limitations or lack skill in the long-game.
  • Play any length course anywhere in the World with only the Rocket 17° PowerGolf Club, a wedge, and a putter.

Making Golf More Accessible

Enjoy The Game Without Pain

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    Allows those who have aged out of Golf to come back into the game.

  • Those with back problems, shoulder problems, and lack of balance can play.

  • Opens the game of Golf up to new people by eliminating the skill barrier to entry.

  • Allows partner pairings of different driving abilities to play together.

Enhances Gameplay

Level-up To Your Competition

Consistently hit your ball straight down the fairway while controlling the distance like a professional golfer.

This allows players of different skill levels to play together and helps eliminate the most frustrating and discouraging parts of Golf. Enjoy more time near your golf partners.

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How To Use

3, 2, 1, Fire!

  • instruction 1 A man cock the handle

    Open the Power Strip Port on the Head of the PowerClub.

  • instruction 2 instruction 4

    Load the Power Strip positioning the next available charge into the receptor. Close clamp to secure.

  • instruction 3

    Select Distance (50 - 200 yards) using the Distance Control Lever on the back of the head.

  • instruction 4 instruction 4

    Cock the handle to prime the shot.

  • Address your ball like you would with a normal Golf shot, aiming your stance in the direction you want to drive the ball. Position the striking surface ½” away from your Golf ball.

  • When ready to fire your shot, pull the safety back and execute your shot by pressing the trigger on the handle.

Product Features

The PowerGolf club is built with quality parts and material for durability.


  • “This golf club puts a smile on my face!”

  • “This club blasts the ball straight down the fairway.”

  • “Wow I can now play Golf with my husband and actually enjoy the game!”