Introducing The Ultimate


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  • The Must-Have Wireless Accessory

    The Power Vessel Mini Keyboard is super lightweight, compact, and is Bluetooth connected, allowing you to use it with any and all of your devices. It’s the freedom you deserve.

    The fully backlit QWERTY keyboard and combined mouse lets you quickly switch between tasks and type messages, which maximizes the efficiency for on-the-go professionals and at-home digital surfers alike!

Next Level Universal Remote

Ever try to search for a video or type on a Roku/Smart TV controller? By the time you’ve finished the first word, you’ve forgotten what you’re even searching for!

Using the Power Vessel Keyboard, you can search for your content and make selections in a fraction of the time so you can spend your time enjoying your favorite shows instead of searching for them!

  • Take Your Gaming To The Next Level

  • If you’re playing cross-platform games on mobile, you know the pain of getting crushed by PC/Console users…*cough* Fortnite *cough*…Give yourself a chance and raise up the banner of victory just by putting the Power Vessel in “game mode.” Super quick response times and full joystick control will help level the playing field.

    Or if you’re a console player, you’ve known the pain of not being able to type a witty response quick enough for it to truly land. With Power Vessel, you can seamlessly switch between different modes and can quickly respond to messages while in the game 😉

  • Immerse Yourself By Connecting Your Favorite Headphones

  • The Power Vessel Mini Keyboard has a full audio receiver, allowing you to plug in a pair of headphones directly into the unit.

    Trying to watch your favorite TV show at night but don’t want to wake your roommates? Just plug in some headphones and control everything from your keyboard!

    Want to get a leg up on the mobile gaming competition. Connecting your best gaming headphones to the Power Vessel will make sure you have the drop on your opponent and not the other way around!

  • Bring it with you wherever you go

    At less than 2.5 ounces and only measuring 5in x 2.5in with full Bluetooth connectivity, you can take this versatile device anywhere. Whether you’re a young professional, digital nomad, or a frequent traveler, you can add true functionality to any situation.

    The Power Vessel, can play audio, transform into a keyboard/controller/remote, trigger the camera on your phone, and fit in your back pocket. No matter your need, this mini keyboard has you covered.

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