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Winner of Japan’s prestigious Good Design award This showerhead makes your daily routine SO MUCH more luxurious!

MIZSEI Is Launching Soon!

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Your Daily Routine, Optimized.

The MIZSEI Misty showerhead atomizes water through cavitation technology. By accelerating water through an advanced throttle, dissolved oxygen contained in the water is vaporized and converted to bubbles.

Over 920 million micro-bubbles are produced every second, providing a deeper and more satisfying clean than traditional showerheads.

Better Environment, Happier Wallet

Amount saved per year by switching to MIZSEI*:

*in a household of 4

By utilizing advanced water technology, MIZSEI helps you reduce your environmental impact. MIZSEI helps save on:

MIZSEI helps save on:

Ditch Harmful Skin and Hair Products

By utilizing mist droplets 1/3rd the size of your pores, MIZSEI provides a more effective wash than traditional showers.

The misting process even makes the droplets molecularly attracted to dirt particles, delivering an unprecedented level of cleanliness without harsh chemicals or agents.

Engineered to fit comfortably in your hand, MIZSEI features a one-push water stop button and simple switching between mist and shower mode.

Feel Warmer, Longer.

Energy created by the bursting of the mist bubbles creates a warming feeling and increased heat retention after showering.

The Future Of Cleanliness.

MIZSEI brings spa-quality relaxation into your own home.
The atomized microbubble technology provides a soothing and relaxing shower experience while deep cleansing your pores and hair.

Start every day clean, confident, and refreshed.

MIZSEI Is Launching Soon!

We’re launching soon. Get an exclusive discount by signing up now!