Smart Home Starter KitPowerful Wi-Fi, device tracking and motion sensing lights

Never worry about Wi-Fi again. Add to that, a state-of the art motion and device tracking arsenal. You have the smart home system that equips you for the future

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Fastest Wi-Fi Speeds Possible

Powered by a world-leading antenna array, the Haven Router can transmit signals better than any other system on the market. The transceiver is 100 times more sensitive than the industry standard, allowing for uninterrupted whole-home Wi-Fi coverage. Stream in 4K from multiple devices, download massive files, and never worry about Wi-Fi connectivity again.

Keep Tabs On What’s Important

Track all the important things in your life with astonishing accuracy. Haven Beacons attach to anything or anyone! Save time looking for your keys and wallet, make sure your pets are where they are supposed to be and ensure your kids stay safe.

Light Up Your Life

The Haven Smart Light is outfitted with a powerful motion sensor, further empowering you with total control over your home. Be notified if someone enters your home or when there is motion where there shouldn’t be.

Peace of Mind

Put an end to anxiety about home security and frustrations about connectivity. Track movement within your home from anywhere, anytime. Set up barriers and geofencing to ensure everything you love is being protected. Mercku Haven gives you peace of mind and powerful protection.

An Intuitive Smart Home

The Mercku Haven system is plug-and-play and can be completely controlled from your phone. Set electronic fences, monitor Wi-Fi usage, track movement, and program lights to respond to events in your home. Haven makes it easy for you to design your own custom use cases!

What’s Included

  • Haven Router

    A powerful Wi-Fi signal box that’s capable of location analytics, asset tracking, and beacon monitoring all at the same time. Not to mention incredibly powerful Wi-Fi connectivity for all the devices in your smart home.

  • Haven Smart Light

    The smart light system can set the mood, alert you to activity in your home as well as track nearby motion. It also serves as a powerful positioning satellite to enhance the accuracy of beacons.

  • Haven Beacon

    A small but powerful device that emits a constant signal allowing you to track anything it’s attached to with astonishing accuracy.

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