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Quit Smoking With Ease

Lifebox is a cigarette smart case that helps you quit smoking by teaching you to smoke gradually less

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Gradual quitting is best

Over 85% of people who try to quit smoking do not do so successfully. Studies have shown that quitting through gradual reduction has higher success rates than attempting to quit cold turkey.

Your life, your plan, your coach.

LIFEBOX understands that no two people are alike and sets up a personalized multi-step program based on your degree of dependence on cigarettes. Coaching messages and encouragement will accompany you throughout your quitting journey.

LIFEBOX utilizes habit disassociation to help you disconnect the need for a cigarette from common actions

When a cigarette is desired, press the button and LIFEBOX will provide you with one after a 10-minute delay. This helps your body disassociate cigarettes from certain actions without forcing you to quit all at once. The 10-minute delay starts only during week two of your program.

LIFEBOX connects to your phone

The included “LB by ICanDo” app is linked via bluetooth to your LIFEBOX and gives you updates on the progress of your personalized program, provides you with suggestions and encouragement, and tracks how much money you are saving.

Take control of your quitting journey


  • What if I REALLY need an extra cigarette?

    If you have smoked all the cigarettes available in the day compared to your program, LIFEBOX allows you to access an extra cigarette by pressing the button for 15 seconds continuously.

    Does LifeBox administer nicotine to me or alter my cigarettes in any way?

    No. LIFEBOX regulates the quantity of cigarettes accessible in the day for all the weeks of your personalized program. LIFEBOX is not a medical device and does not require the use of any drugs whatsoever, nor of any alternative such as nicotine chewing gum or band-aids. Moreover, LIFEBOX is compatible with any type of medicine.

  • Is LifeBox rechargable?

    Yes, LifeBox includes a rechargeable battery that lasts 3-5 days per charge.

We’re launching soon.

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