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The World’s Smartest SSD

FuzeDrive learns how you use your data and continuously optimizes performance which increases its life 25X compared to its competitors. Run any full gaming or desktop application and enjoy the perfect balance of performance, endurance and price.


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Why Gamers Are Switching To FuzeDrive SSD

  • Performance matters FuzeDrive stays insanely fast even as it fills up
  • Space for all your games FuzeDrive has a massive 1.6TB capacity
  • Never run out of space Fuzes with a 2nd SSD or HDD for unlimited capacity
  • Built to last SLC  provides performance and endurance

AI Managed Performance

The AI analyzes your read and write data and maximizes the use of SLC, which has 25x the endurance of QLC. By keeping writes off the QLC the SSD works harder for longer.

Our AI keeps your active data in FuzeDrive’s 128GB of SLC to ensure max performance for your games and applications

Unlimited Capacity

Add another SSD or even a 14TB HDD for example when you need it to expand your storage to 15TB or higher without having to reinstall anything. FuzeDrive’s AI will manage everything from the ‘hot’ data in the SLC, ‘warm’ data in the QLC and ‘cold’ data on the hard drive.

Advanced Cooling Technology

Stays cool under pressure. Advanced cooling technology maintains optimal operating temperatures so your performance won’t suffer. Up your game with an optional heat sink with LED lighting that looks as cool as it feels.

What Others Are Saying…

  • “Meet the Frankenstein of SSD: A solid-state drive that mixes SLC and QLC”

  • “Machine intelligent technology breaks the mold of traditional SSD architectures.”

  • “They’ve taken the slowest and fastest forms of NAND and blended them together to make one drive that can satisfy all demands.”

The Smartest, Fastest & Longest Lasting SSD Drive



We’re launching soon. Get an exclusive discount by signing up now!