The Next Level In Immersive Experiences

Feelreal is the most immersive entertainment experience in the entire world. VR users are now granted the use of your most advanced sensory system, your sense of smell. Whether you’re on the battlefield firing off rounds at a zombie hoard or meditating on a beach, you’ll be able to smell the gunpowder or the ocean breeze. Welcome to the next dimension.

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The Power of Scent

The most powerful sensory system is our ability to smell. Scents are processed through your olfactory bulb, which is closely related to the area of your brain which processes memories and emotions. No other sensory system passes through this same area, so the only way to trigger these deep emotional feelings is through scent triggers.

Adding scents into your virtual experience comes with a surge of emotions that your brain has uniquely linked to each of them. Get ready to FeelReal.

Do you smell that?

There’s a virtual world of 255 scents out there and counting. From guns to roses, zombies to a fresh ocean breeze. There is a scent to make every VR experience a deeper and more meaningful one.

The mask can hold 9 Aroma Capsules at one time and releases each scent in micro doses via triggers planted throughout your favorite games or movies. Pull the trigger and you’ll smell gunpowder, pick up the mug and you’ll smell some freshly brewed coffee.

255 scents
and counting

Can you feel that?

FeelReal is equipped with micro heaters, micro coolers, an ultrasonic ionizing system (water mist), and vibration technology. You won’t only be smelling things, but feeling them on your skin. Feel the warmth of a campfire, feel  rain drip down your cheeks, feel the kick of wind on your face while you ride away on your motorcycle. You’ll feel a virtual impact more than ever before.

Tech Specs

Compatible With:

We are live on Kickstarter! Join our community in the next hour to get a HUGE discount!