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Turn Any Push Cart Into A Premium Electric Golf Caddy

eWheels V2 by Alphard Golf turns your pushcart into an electric remote caddy that can be controlled via remote or follow you via a magnetic smart tether. It rolls over bumps, goes up and down hills and carries your golf bag through the entire course — without hassle or sweat.

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Two ways to roll

Precise Controls

Not only does eWheels follow you without the stress of continually having to look back, but it also allows for full remote control from the remote. Making your approach and want your bag waiting for you at the next hole? No Problem, eWheels will meet you there.

The new 6-axis gyroscope can read the terrain of the course, gauge speed on uphills and downhills, so while you control the cart from the remote, the cart will stay under control and go exactly where you guide it

Auto-Follow With Magnetic Smart Tether

The Magnetic Auto-Follow Smart Tether allows eWheels to follow you without a remote!

Simply clip and go. The Smart Tether magnetically clips to an included metal belt attachment. It then reads how far you are from your cart as well as your angle of movement and adjusts your cart’s speed and direction to match.

The Smart Tether can be easily attached to your golf bag without hassle and communicates with your eWheels via Bluetooth. It’s ready to go out of the box, so you don’t have to fuss over setup.


Easily Tackle Hills & Slopes

Carrying or pushing your bag through 18 holes can be exhausting. Save your muscles from pushing or pulling your clubs uphill and let eWheels do all the heavy lifting for you. It’s detachable battery will last up to 27 holes and can be replaced if you’re feeling like 36.

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Easy To Set Up

Fitting on nearly any push cart, you won’t have to purchase a completely new push cart to get an advanced electric golf caddy.

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Fits On Most PushCarts

Here is a list of recommended models that we’ve tested and proven to work with eWheels V2:

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