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The First 3-Way, Front Adjustable, High Impact Sports Bra

  • No more bouncing, chafing, rising back band, poking wires, or digging neck-straps!
  • Three front adjustments to customize the sports bra for superior comfort and support in both low and high impact workouts
  • Made from smooth, moisture-wicking Italian performance materials
  • Easy on and off clasp eliminates the struggle of taking off your sweaty bra
  • True to size fit supporting 32D- 38F
  • The first ever attachable tank top, for that perfect built-in-bra feel

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Superior Comfort & Support

  • The 1st Ever Attachable Tank Top

    A built-in bra top shouldn’t be limited to just A and B cups. This attachable tank top easily hooks on giving you a built-in bra tank top feel.

  • Zero Bounce Compression Corset

    Patented design provides encapsulation and corset compression technology for maximum support. An ultrastrong cord for adjustable compression that locks your fit. Easily loosen from the front to give your breasts a break from compression.

  • Easy To Put On And Take Off

    The hook-and-eye clasp make it easy to put on from the front and eliminate the struggle when taking off your sweaty bra. Its flat profile also prevents rubbing, pinching, or digging into the back.

  • Bottom Band For Breathing Freely

    The bottom elastic band is made with new bonding technology that supports 70% of the weight and is adjustable from the front so it will never rise up your back.

  • 1-inch Wide, Neck Friendly Shoulder Straps

  • Hidden Pocket for On-The-Go-Essentials

  • Wire-free with Removable Cups

  • Patented Cord Lock With Unbreakable Cording

  • What Top Athletes Think…

Premium Italian Performance Fabric

Betts Fit uses lightweight, moisture-wicking, high performance recycled fabric sourced from Italy. Stay cool, dry, and comfortable no matter how fast you move or how much you sweat.

Never Hold Back On A Workout Again

Every woman deserves the freedom to move without discomfort in their shoulders, neck and back. Whether you run, play sports, practice yoga, or do HIIT or crossfit, Betts Fit will fit perfectly to your unique body, so you can focus on your workout and not on your breasts.

We’re launching soon.

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